5 Things you need to know about a bodybuilder

5 Things you need to know about a bodybuilder


Bodybuilding is a “sport” which has been disregarded by many and loved by few, the people who think lesser of bodybuilders and bodybuilding need to know what it is all about. We will share with you the five things you need to know about bodybuilders, and this might be an eye opener to some. With that being said, let us get into it.

1. They will schedule the days based on their workouts
Bodybuilders are very dedicated to their workouts, and if you even think that a bodybuilder will switch their workouts to go out with their friends or anything which will affect their workout then think again. Bodybuilders will make sure they do not skip their workouts, and will also make sure that they are doing everything possible to make it their best workout ever. Next time when you ask a bodybuilder if they can switch up their workouts, think again.

2. Food is all they think about
For an average person who enjoys a great meal, they would daydream about all the unhealthy meals. Not bodybuilders, they are always thinking about their next meal and where it will come from making sure they hit their macros. For people that don’t know what macros are, it is protein carbs, and fats and bodybuilders have a specific target to hit every day and every meal. Many bodybuilders, will go to extreme lengths just to make sure they get enough food. Bodybuilders can’t afford to lose muscle which is why they are eating every 2-3 hours to keep themselves “anabolic.”

3. They will do whatever it takes to achieve their goals
Bodybuilders are obsessed with their goals and will take any supplements to achieve their goals. Even though they might have adverse side effects on their health, all they care about is the goal they have set for themselves. Some might think that bodybuilding is a healthy “sport,” it can be, but anything in excess cannot lead to any good.

4. The gym is a second home
For many bodybuilders, the gym is their second home. They are hitting the gym 4 to 6 times a week for an hour to 2 hours, everybody knows them by the first name. They might as well get rid of their keyfob as the receptionist is their workout buddy.

5. DO NOT talk to them while they are working out
Many bodybuilders go into the gym for one mission only, is to crush their goals and to get a great physique. Don’t expect to have a half an hour chat with them in the middle of their workout, sure some might be nice and talk to you, but they don’t like it.

One thing we can all learn from bodybuilders is that you need hard work to get to your goals, so the next time you meet a bodybuilder be kind to them and let them stick to their plan, as it means a lot to them.

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