Fitness tracker do you need one?

Fitness tracker do you need one?

Here is the truth, as humans we have evolved. When most of us first started to workout, we relied on the old method of tracking our heart rate of checking our pulse. Now we have electronics to help us with it, making it so much easier for us. We understand that most of you might think about how fitness trackers can be a waste of money, but let me explain to with some of the pros of owning and using one which will help you to make an educated decision yourself.

Now there are many positives to having a tool which will help you to understand how your body is functioning when performing any physical activity. Some might say the data could help you know your body more, but if your goal is to understand how your body operates under physical stress, then you are nor using it for the right reasons.

When it comes to utilizing this fantastic tool, you need to use it for what it is made for which is tracking overall progress. One of the great things about having the technology, is the convenience of tracking down all your past and present results.

For instance, let’s say your heart rate was 130 after a 50-metre sprint. After eight weeks of consistently working on your cardiovascular health, it has now gone down to 110. In the same scenario, let’s assume it was year-long process what the chances you will be able to track it are? Chances are slim to none.

Fitness Trackers give you the convenience of tracking all of your fitness progress and will also give you a reality check if you are seemingly slipping away from your fitness goals. Now, if you are very dedicated to tracking your heart rate, sleeping time, how many steps you walked and how many calories you burned by yourself then you don’t need this product. You also don’t need this product if you have no interest in tracking your health and wellness in the long run.

Now, if you are someone looking track all of your daily activities including sleep time. We highly recommend you invest in one, in fact, we recommend you get this one

The reason being is that it will track your sleep, how many steps you take, how many calories you burned, the distance you ran and track it and it will even send SMS.

To be fair, there is some unnecessary stuff in there. But this one is only $36.99 CAD making it a reasonable buy. On top of the price, it is waterproof, making it a great choice for swimmers.

Final thoughts

Make sure you buy this tracker for the right reasons, if you are looking to have a technology which will track your health progress for the years to come then get it.

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