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Weeknight Rescue // June 2019 // Week 24

Weeknight Rescue // June 2019 // Week 24 We’re rolling into Father’s Day weekend with a fun and flavor-packed menu. There’s something for everyone here, including the dads in your life. If you’ve been having a heat wave like here in San Francisco, the watermelon pops are deliciously hydrating. INSTANT POT KOREAN BEEF TACOS WITH […]

Cherry Tomato Sauce and Bela Mushrooms on Pasta

Cherry Tomato Sauce and Bela Mushrooms on Pasta A study came out recently that showed that Italians who ate more pasta tended to lose more weight than those who ate less pasta.  How can this be you may ask?  Isn’t pasta the bane of our existence, the thing that many people consider their weak link […]

I’m Not Crabby About It

I’m Not Crabby About It Highlights from the week… Coffee combo = Trader Joe’s Kona with chocolate milk. My snacks were all 10/10 this week!  TJ’s newest candy bar – white and dark chocolate with mini gummi bears.  I love the chocolate + gummi combo. CoolHaus milk and cookie crumb.  CH is quickly becoming my […]

Sleep Like a Baby

Sleep Like a Baby Do you sleep like a baby? The sleep of an innocent baby is blissful and serene. While we may be physically exhausted, mentally fatigued, and emotionally drained because of our diet, level of health, lifestyle, and relationships, the bodies of little babies are not toxic, their minds are not… ———— The […]

Radish Green Pesto

Radish Green Pesto Don’t throw out your radish leaves! Use them to make this flavorful and nutrient-dense Radish Green Pesto instead. Do you tend to cut off the tops of radishes and just use the root? What about beets? Carrots? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. It’s not common knowledge that the leaves of most… ———— […]